NovaCell wireless is a rapidly growing wireless company representing many of the top brands and prepaid mobile carriers across the globe. NovaCell’s business is led by accomplished veterans of the wireless industry with over 60 years of combined experience. As a national Master Agent, NovaCell offers its customers preloaded SIM Cards with the most popular plans from reliable carriers along with blank sims in order for your customer to choose a cellular and data plan that best fits their needs with the most popular prepaid mobile carriers and no-contract providers in the country.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, NovaCell is in rapid growth-mode considering no-contract wireless service has become increasingly popular. As no contract requiring for wireless telecommunications rapidly sweeps across the United States, NovaCell has positioned itself with a robust portfolio of the most popular no-contract brands, an experienced back-office infrastructure and a well-trained team of account managers to ensure the NovaCell network of agents is enabled to provide quality service and products to its consumers.

NovaCell Inc. offers training and support to its hundreds of dealers and welcomes new qualified agents to join its large family of dealers. Interested owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact NovaCell at (718) 369-0700 or (917) 679-4173 to speak to a NovaCell representative, and learn if they qualify to become an Authorized Dealer.

Contact NovaCell : (718) 369-0700 or (917) 679-4173. Visit NovaCell at 155 Water St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

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NovaCell Wireless

NovaCell Wireless is a rapidly growing wireless master dealer of prepaid voice, data services, and preloaded sim cards in the USA. We are national master distributors of the top prepaid mobile carriers such as Verizon prepaid wireless, and payment services through EPay. For more information on how you can too start working with the number 1 distributor in the USA contact us now!